Terminal Update: Etchings and Impedances

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Well, hello my friends… and welcome to… uh… a blog post.  It’s been a particularly busy time as of late and well, I’ve got a lot to report.   I suppose the hard part is where to start… the album?  Yes there… the familiar.  We’ll start there and warm you up before we get, you […]

Terminal Update: End of 2017

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Good morning everyone.  It’s a sunny Thursday morning here in Berkeley, CA and I’m on my winter work break.  This means lots of music and particularly slow mornings.  Soyrizo & eggs in hand, I now embark upon this blog post with you, and a recently microwaved scone. At the end of a year, one thing […]

Terminal Update: Live Set and Record Making

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Hello again folks.  How are you? It would seem part of my forthcoming news resolutions is to do more writing.  You should most certainly rejoice because boy, am I going to find those little details that make things interesting. Interesting to me, anyway. Well, maybe you like news; I mean everyone likes the news… right? […]

Terminal Update: November 2017

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Terminal Update: November 2017 Well, hey there folkies, how’s it going?  As per our usual (I’ve noticed I say this almost every time), it’s been a damn long time since any kinda formal update.  Sure, those of you following me on the ol’ facebook may be somewhat aware – but let’s take that awareness to […]

Terminal Update: July 2017

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Hey everyone – as per usual… it’s been a while.  And as per usual… I’ve been doing stuff.  I feel like I started the last post this very same way.  I’m also too lazy to look it up and find a new way to start this particular post.  Thanks for dealing with it! So, what […]

Terminal Update: May 2017

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Hot damn folks, it has been a minute and I have been busy.  So much to report on… so much learned.  I suppose one of the problems of having a lot to tell you is… well, it’s hard to know where to start.  Maybe we’ll just have to go back to the specific lessons another time […]

The Terminal: Finding a mixer

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Hey folks – how’s it going?  I’ve been busy here in Studio Laminar working on just how to write and perform a song without the help of a computer.  I’ve been going deeper on my devices, learning their limitations, and even learning my own limitations.  And while I’m far from dropping some chill house-esque beats […]

Terminal Update: 1

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Terminal Update: 1

Hello and good evening folks.  I haven’t written in a while and I thought, “hey, I’ve been doing some particularly nerdy things, I could write about them.”  Hope you’re ready, though if you weren’t… you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Terminal Update: 1 You may remember I named my, um, ‘portable’ setup the terminal.  Not […]

The Terminal

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Wello folks (that’s well, hello, ftr).  It’s been a while since we’ve been in communication.  I’ve been busy (as per usual) and things are finally calming down.  That, and sometimes it takes a bit to have enough interesting things to say. What’s been going on?  Well, the first portion of the year I was involved […]

Lost in a Folk Record

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Lost in a Folk Record Hey folks – it’s been a while since I’ve been here to communicate with you all as my audio engineer and producer persona, vt100 – and here I am. Most of this year my posts have been surrounding a folk record I was working on.  And while I’m not here […]